Friday, February 16, 2007

Welcome to 1 word a day Japanese Lesson!

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Welcome to 1 word a day Japanese Lesson!

As this title says, you can learn One Japanese word a day.

The words are casual and there are also sentences you can use to Japanese people straight away.

So if you would like to have Japanese friends, a Japanese girl friend or a boy friend, this lesson is for you!

Let's learn Japanese easily and enjoy yourself in Japan!!!

Today's word

wordshitai (tai)
meaningwant to
part of speecha verb
the past tenseshitakatta
a negative sentenceshitakunai


Kyou wa biiru ga nomi tai .

I want to drink beer today.


Anata to ohanashi shitai desu.

I want to talk with you.


Osushi ga tabe tai.

I want to eat sushi.


Eiga o mi tai.

I want to watch a movie.


Nomi ni iki tai.

I want to go for a drink.


****Small test****

Q. Translate the following English sentence into Japanese.

I want to go to the movies.

A. The answer will be in a tomorrow's lesson!

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Christy N Kibodeaux said...

This is really great that you do this. I showed this to my friend. We are both studying Japanese and this is really useful to both of us. I plan on showing this to our entire class. Thank you for this contribution to learning.

Lepuppy said...

This is really helpful, i mean it is better than most japanese to english word of the day things! But I think it would be helpful if there was hiragana for each word, ofcourse those who are learning japanese should already know what sounds go with what symbol, I think it would be nice for those of us who are bad at memorizing that type of thing.... :)