Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Leeson 5

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Ogenki desuka? Minasan.

Welcome come back to 1 word a day Japanese Lesson!

For people who visit this site for the first time, please let me explain about "One word a day Japanese Lesson".

As this title says, you can learn One Japanese word a day.

The words are casual and there are also sentences you can use to Japanese people straight away.

So if you would like to have Japanese friends, a Japanese girl friend or a boy friend, this lesson is for you!

Let's learn Japanese easily and enjoy yourself in Japan!!!

Today's word



part of speechverb
the past tenseitta
a negative sentenceikanai



Shall we go?

Kinou jinja ni itta.

I went to shrine yesterday.



Watashi wa ikanai.

I don't go.

watashi wa=I

Ika nakereba naranai.

I have to go.

nakereba naranai
=have to

Soko e wa ika nakatta.

I didn't go there.


****Small test****

Q. Translate the following English sentence into Japanese.

Didn't you go?

A. The answer will be in a tomorrow's lesson!

****The answer of yesterday's small test****

Imi shitteru?

Was your answer correct? If it was, you are brilliant!

If it wasn't, don't be disappointed. Just remenber the answer and try today's question!

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Have a good day and see you tomorrow!

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